Oh Donald- What have you done.

What a dark day for Americans, an international embarrassment.

Since 2016, America has been divided, Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has been one of the most loathed men on the globe for some, and you can comprehend why after recordings arose of his grotesque misogyny whilst speaking to women, or his questioned involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, to banning Muslims from entering the so called “land of the free”.

Now the billionaire of New York and Florida has made one last power grab.

Last night was a new low, for the first time since 1812, the capitol building in Washington DC was breached, but not by foreign intruders, but by the far-right, on orders from the outgoing President himself. In a press conference, he said “We’ll walk right down there, I’ll be there with you”. 

America prides itself on having “the best democracy” in the world, a country for society to look up to in hope. That reputation is now fundamentally tarnished through this night of rioting.

That is twice now this year, where both wings of the political spectrum have had their spats, first Antifa and the vicious looting and arsons. This is now followed precipitously by the far-right, bearing confederate flags and Trump 2020 as they barged their way violently into the capitol, displaying true “patriotism” to the world. Quite the opposite, they have made their country a laughing-stock to be quite frank.

A few key points which must be made-

  • The only few people who can summon the National Guard are the President, the VP, the Sec of Defence or the local governor, hence why it took so long for action to be taken. There is no comparing that and the BLM protests.
  • The police were severely outnumbered, they did not expect the riots to happen, hence why it was so easy for the protests to escalate.

However you have to question the way the far-right were treated, in comparison to the BLM protests, they seemed to of gotten off lightly.

On the positive, we have seen the true colours of Vice President Mike Pence, who I always thought was a genuinely good man, with exceptions to one particular ideology. It was confirmed that he ordered the National Guard in, not Trump. He was also on the side of the constitution. You see, he had power to block Congress from affirming Bidens win, yet he stuck to his oath, going against the volatile man whom he had rooted for to allow democracy to work its cause. A future Republican Presidential candidate, that is for sure.

Biden, 78, now has full control of the House or Representatives, similar to that of the House of Commons, he will now be able to finish what Barack Obama started and will ensure Kamala Harris can continue into the future.

I dread to think of the monumental task Biden/Harris have for the next few years, they have to try to bring America together and get that respect back, which they have lost of the last four years. 

For some in the UK, they will liken it to the Brexit drama of the past four years, where those who have seeked to undermine democracy will fail, (*cough cough* Gina Miller, Jeremy Corbyn), which it certainly did in late 2019. It is doing the same here for Donald, he will undoubtedly fail, and it gives Joe Biden the foothold to cement a democrat win for the foreseeable future.

Now, will be see Pence and other Republicans invoke the 25th amendment?

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